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Thursday, November 7, 2019


Coinpot is a micro wallet where you can store crypto-coins like Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and of course Bitcoin.

Don't forget to confirm your email address when you register to Coinpot and the most important thing protects your account by enabling the 2FA feature.

<<<Coinpot Tokens>>>

How can you earn Coinpot Tokens?

==>Faucets (for every claim you make, you earn 3 Tokens | for every claim made by your referral you earn 1 Token);

==>Mining (you have the option to mine these Tokens);

==>Exchange Tokens for other cryptocurrencies. The Exchange is Instant and there is no fee.

==>Multiplier (gamble option but NOT recommended);

==>Coinpot Challenges (complete various challenges and earn different rewards).

Once you reach the minimum, you can withdraw your coins to your wallet.

What faucets can you use with Coinpot:

Remember to use the same email address you registered to Coinpot Wallet.

These faucets lets you choose the time when to claim.

Complete offers, play browser games and earn bitcoin.

If you are interested to claim faucets then Coinpot is for you.
Thank you.

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⭐️TimeBucks | Do something UNIQUE and Get Paid. Status: Paying
Start and Grow your Money with this great opportunity. Fast Earning with a daily income of around $50 or more.
Remember: If you are willing to work a little bit harder you can earn more than 50 bucks daily. It depends on how serious you are. Pretty amazing, right?
How can you earn with TimeBucks?
✅High Paying Surveys Online
TheoremReach, Paneland, Peanut Labs, AdscendMedia, Poll Fish, Opinion Capital and many more);
✅Watch Videos
If you love watching videos then this is for you. TimeBucks enable you to earn easy money by watching videos online.
✅Instagram Earning
Get paid for doing normal things like follow Instagram Pages or post different messages etc.
✅Online-Tasks | Figure Eight Tasks
Very easy to understand, Daily Updated, Large Number of Job Offers and of course a Great Platform to make money online.
✅You have the option to get your money back when you are shopping online with TimeBucks' partners.
✅Daily Challenge
Every day, if you one of the top 5 earners, TimeBucks will award you with amazing prizes.
✅Referral Commissions (multi-level referral program);
<<<Payment GateWays>>>
Bitcoin, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer (TrasferWise).
The minimum payment for TimeBucks is $10. You can reach very easy the payment threshold because you have lots of ways to earn. I was surprised too how easy it can be.
Note: TimeBucks will pay you every Thursday so you need to withdraw before Thursday to get paid. If not you will get your money next week.
Thank you.

Support Us | Litecoin

Trusted and Paying
πŸ†HoneyGain - One of the BEST apps to make money online | Status: Paying
If you still looking for an easy app to make an extra buck, then you are in the right place. Very simple to use this app; HoneyGain is available both for Windows and mobile devices.
This is why HoneyGain is so GREAT because you don't have to do anything to earn lots of money. I know it's hard to believe but it's true. You let your PC or mobile devices to work for you and watch how your earnings grow.
So what is HoneyGain and why it is so amazing?
Honeygain is an app that will pay you for your internet, more precisely for your unused internet. All your information is safe with HoneyGain. There are lots of payment proofs, most PayPal payments. Soon they will add more payment options.
Remember: The more you will keep this app active the more you accumulate great rewards.
Of course, you can connect up to 5 devices (windows or/and mobile devices | identical IP address) to earn faster and bigger, up to $50 bucks per month with no effort. Let your computer and mobile devices to help you gain more money. Your internet intelligence or data is used to compute, calculate, estimate or to solve difficult problems. Or you could say they use your internet data to solve your financial problems.
Minimum Withdraw: $20. Very easy to reach if you have more devices with this app. As I said earlier, you can withdraw by PayPal but more payment options are likely to be added very soon.
Thank you.
❄️Clicks Genie | Earn Money Online by Reading E-Mails| Status: Paying
Clicks Genie will pay you to view and read emails. Yeah, you read it right. All you need is a Gmail Account to receive the emails you have to read. Very simple way to earn cash with little effort | all you need to do is:
✅Make an account==>Validate your Account (click the confirmation email)==>After that you will begin to receive emails from other advertisers. You can click from your smartphone (Android, iOS) or from your PC or even a Smart TV without the need to login into your account.
<Referral Program>
Clicks Genie has a Special Referral Program with 5 levels of commissions:
✅for level 1 you get 100% commission, for level 2 you get 70%, for level 3 you will earn 60%, for level 4 you get 50% and finally for level 5 you earn 40%.
<Payout Options>
✅CoinPayments - Minimum Payment is $7 | Instant Payment;
FaucetHub - Minimum Payout is $0.01 | FaucetHub is recommended for payments | Instant Payment;
Perfect Money.
✅More Payment Options will be added soon.
Thank you.
πŸ’₯PTCShare - Earn Considerable Earnings with the BEST PTC+RevShare of 2019 | Status: Paying
✅Bonus Ad Points Reward Earning System;
Build your BAPs to receive BIGGER advertisements.
✅Upgrade System: you spend $0.05 and you receive $1. Great Deal, right?
✅Fantastic Options for Advertisers | lots of cheap options to advertise your blog or referral link;
Referral Program:
==>you earn 7% commission when your referral makes a purchase (ad buying reward);
==>you get 3% commission every time your referral is clicking his ads;
==>various DAILY referral rewards;
==>focus on your achievements to receive high rewards.
✅You can withdraw when you reach the minimum of $1 | Payment Options: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, SolidTrustPay and, Perfect Money.
Thank you for your support.
☀️ AdBTC.TOP <Extra Crypto Rewards in your Wallet> Status: Paying
AdBTC is a Pay to Click Website (PTC), founded in 2017, that will give you a bitcoin reward if you view advertisements.
Note: You don't need to pay anything to earn here and it is also not possible to rent referrals (this is good for the health of the website).
<<<Earning Options>>>
==>Surf Advertisements;
Complete a simple captcha and then press "Start" to begin watching the Ads; if you are active you can earn thousands of BTC satoshi every day.
==>Surf Advertisements in Active Window;
The advertisements are displayed in another window. You click the link then a new page will be opened, view the advertisement and after the timer ends you will get your reward.
==>Auto-Surfing: auto-displayed advertisements.
Recommended: Check out the website 2 times per day for new advertisements.
✅you earn 10 000 satoshis in surfing ads and you get 1 point;
✅for every 5 000 BTC satoshis earned in Auto-Surfing you get 1 point;
✅you spend 10 000 satoshis on advertising and you get 1 point;
✅if your referral spends 10 000 satoshis on advertising you get 1 point;
✅when you buy a referral on the market you get 0.1 points;
✅if your account is NOT active for 1 week you will lose 1 point.
Note: If you have a rating above 50 you will get bigger rewards.
<<<Referral Market>>>
You can buy or sell referrals (real people). The referrals are yours for life.
<<<Referral Program>>>
Share your link and you receive a 7.5% referral commission.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
FaucetHub: minimum payout 5 000 satoshis;
✅Bitcoin Wallet Adress: minimum payout of 40 000 satoshis;
Note: You can exchange your account balance with Advertisement Balance.
Thank you.
πŸ”₯FireFaucet <Trusted and Paying Crypto Auto-Faucet> Status: Paying
Crypto Currencies you can claim: litecoin (LTC), primecoin (XPM), dashcoin (DASH), digibyte (DGB), potcoin (POT), dogecoin (DOGE), bitcore (BTC), zcash (ZEC) and bitcoin (BTC).
<<<Earning Options>>>
claim faucet: timer 2 minutes;
✅Click advertisements;
✅You can do short-links;
<<<Rank Rewards>>>
You need to know that Rank Rewards are added to users at midnight UTC.
<<<Rewards and Levels>>>
Remember: your activity points work as Experience Points; you will need the experience to level up. You will earn more coins and high bonuses when you get a NEW level.
<<<Upgrade and Earn Big Rewards. It's very simple>>>
<<<Activity Ranks>>>
Try to stay active on this site as much as you can. The first 10 ACTIVE players will collect a reward. The more you will claim from faucets or refer friends or do short-links, the more activity points you will earn.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅Share your link and you will earn 20% of all coins earned by your referral.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
FaucetHub: Instant Payment.
Note: There is no minimum payout.
Thank you for your support.
πŸ†Cointiply <High Paying Crypto Faucet > Status: Paying
<<<Earning Options>>>
✅faucet claim every hour;
If you feel lucky you can win up to 100 000 coins on a spin.
✅bonus for every prime number you get;
✅loyalty bonus: you will get a bonus of 1% per day for every claim you make on this site.
✅offer walls (depending on the country you live in);
✅it is also possible to click ads and view videos;
✅play online games.
<<<Upgrade Options>>>
✅free membership;
✅premium membership: 17 000 coins per month or 170 000 coins per year.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅25% for all faucet claims;
✅10% for all offer walls.
<<<Payment Options>>>
FaucetHub: Manual;
✅Directly to your Bitcoin or Doge Wallet.
Note: The payments take about 24-48 hours to be processed.
Thank you for your support.
πŸ₯‡PaidVerts <Best Place for Passive Earnings> Status: Paying
<<<Bonus Ad Points System>>>
If you want to make a good income from PaidVerts you need to understand the Bonus Ad Points System. Bonus ad Points are the backbone of PaidVerts.
Important: the MORE bonus ad points you make, the MORE paid advertisements you will get to view. One way to earn Bonus Ad Points (BAPs) is to view Activation Ads.
Every day you will receive 8 (eight) Activation Advertisements and this is how the viewing process looks like:
Viewing an Advertisement==>Complete the captcha==>View the WebSite for 5-30 seconds.
Important: in the Account Data section you are able to change the captcha: Visual Captcha, Solvemedia, and Recaptcha. The Easiest and more enjoyable captcha is VisualCaptcha so is recommended to choose this captcha.
Bonus Ad Points serve 2 things: Paid Ads are sent to you in exchange for the Bonus Ad Points (BAP) you have accumulated.
The accumulated BAP's will place you in a certain BAP Group.
Important: The higher that group is, the more BAP's you have, the BETTER the rewards you receive.
Keep in mind that you will NOT receive paid ads immediately after clicking on your Activation Ads. Paid Advertisements will arrive 18 hours after clicking on your Activation Advertisements.
<<<Buy a Bulk AD Pack>>>
Every Ad Pack (basic price $1) delivers:
✅ 50 user visits for 5 seconds - 30 seconds each;
✅ 25 banner impressions (728x90 or 468x60);
✅ 100 banner impressions (125x125).
Important: Buy $1 Bulk Ads and you will get 2400 BAP's or $1.2 worth of ads (2000 BAP's is equivalent to $1 worth of paid ads)
PaidVerts is owned by MyTrafficValue (crowdfunding platform). You can use the SAME login data for both sites (PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue).
<<<Achievement Points>>>
All you need to know about the Achievement System is: More Achievement Points (APS) will lead to BETTER Money Rewards (extra cash advertisements).
How to get Achievement Points: daily logging into your account, play games, refer a friend, watch various ads, buy advertisements, etc.
<<<Upgrade your Account>>>
The UPGRADE will cost only $0.05 and you will receive $1 Recycled Advertisements. So it is recommended that you upgrade your account. You buy the upgrade for just $0.05 and you will receive Advertisements worth $1.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅10% commission of every advertisement bought by your referral;
✅5% commission of every advertisement seen by your referral.
Important: Please use the REAL date. You will need the REAL one to get paid. Don't lie about that.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
✅Bitcoin: $1; Litecoin: $1; Perfect Money: $1; SolidTrustPay: $10; Neteller: $5; OK PAY: $1; Payeer: $1.
Thank you for your support.
⭐️ <Crypto Battle Game> Status: Paying
All you need to do is to level UP your ship and fight against other players (NPC or Real Persons).
First, you need to choose your race and of course your planet.
Note: No investment needed to get paid by this amazing program, Star Coins is very simple and well-paying.
In this game, you can use your BattleShip in:
✅Battlezone where you can play against other players for power and supremacy;
✅Dark System where you can fight with NPC (non-player character) for extra BIG rewards;
✅Space explore where you can acquire Dark Matter;
✅Expeditions & Jobs where you receive amazing daily rewards;
A Battle Ship has 4 stats: Rapid Fire, Weapon Power, Speed, and Shield Power.
✅Deuterium (D): you get from Battle Zone, Short Links, Offer Walls, Mining, Star Rain, Expeditions, etc;
You need Deuterium (D) to upgrade: Weapon Power, Speed, Maneuverability.
✅Energy (E): buy and use a Solar Plant;
You use Energy to regenerate the HULL of your Battle Ship.
✅Crystal (C): buy and use Crystal Mine, collect crystals;
You need Crystal (C) to upgrade: Artificial Intelligence, Pilot Charisma.
✅Dark Matter: you can collect DM from Battle Zone, Space Explore, Jobs and of course use the Dark Matter Reactor;
Note: Dark Matter is needed for withdrawing.
✅Metal is very important to upgrade your shield power.
Metal can not be exchanged in the Resource Market.
<<<DM Reactors>>>
It's like an investment that you pay Deuterium and you will get in return from 110% to 150% what you invested after 30 days.
After 30 days, the Dark Matter Reactor will expire and you have to buy another Dark Matter Reactor.
To work on Jobs you are gonna need a Battleship. Every job has some basic requirements, choose a job and wait for the time to run.
This is just like an Auto Faucet. Choose your favorite coin and the timer you want, look at the basic requirements and start exploring the Universe.
Note: Remember you need to keep your browser page open!
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅you get 25% on every Deuterium Referral Claim;
✅you get 10% on every completed Offer-Wall and Simple Online Task;
✅you get 5% on Web-Miner Earnings;
Every Referral becomes a steady source of passive income.
✅you get 5% when your referral improves his account.
Every time when someone registers under your referral link, you get 750 Deuterium.
<<<Payout Options>>>
✅Export: in this section, you can withdraw your coins to FaucetHub;
✅Resource Market: here you can exchange your Deuterium for other resources;
✅Scrap Merchant: if you want to gain some of the resources back, you can destroy/sell your battleship, but the quantity is extremely reduced from 35% to 75% of the original costs.
<<<Minimum withdrawal>>>
✅250 Bitcoin Satoshi or equivalent amount in litecoin (LTC), doge, monero (XMR), zcash (ZEC).
Note: Don't forget to add the crypto addresses from FaucetHub.
Thank you for your support.
🎁Dogeads.TOP <Very Simple to earn FREE Doge> Status: Paying
One of the most Trusted and High Paying doge opportunities. No Membership is necessary or renting referrals to earn dogecoins.
<<<Earning Options>>>
✅Surf Ads
You need to press "Click Here to View!", a new page will be opened. Only after the timer is completed you will get your Reward.
Note: Don't close the page until the timer is completed or else you won't get paid.
✅Doge Link Ads
You click the link, a new page will be opened and after the page loaded, a timer starts.
Note: Don't close the page or else you won't get paid. You need to complete the captcha and then you will get your Reward.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅10% referral commission from Surfing Ads and 10% referral commission from Doge Links;
✅7% of every purchase made by your referral.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
All you need is a wallet address to receive your DogeCoin payout.
Thank you for your support.
πŸ’°Free Bitcoin | Extra Bitcoin Rewards | Status: Paying
Are you looking for ways to earn free bitcoin without any effort? Then you are in the right place. Free is one of the oldest bitcoin faucet (almost 20 million users around the world) with various earning ways and paying without any problems.
<<<Earning Options>>>
==>bitcoin faucet;
Easy way to earn free bitcoin | just roll the button==>solve captcha==>get rewarded. Simple, right?
Remember if you are lucky you can win up to $200 in free bitcoin every hour (when you hit 10 000).
==>Bitcoin Game of Chance
Every time you roll the dice you receive 2 Lottery tickets. With these tickets, you can participate in a weekly lottery where you can win massive prizes if you are lucky.
Every time you roll the dice in "Free bitcoin" section you receive between 2 and 10 free reward points. You can exchange these points for different prizes.
<<<Electronics; Hardware Wallets; Gift Certificates; Various Bonuses (Free bitcoin, Lottery tickets, Reward Points)>>>
==>Golden Ticket
Here you have the chance to win a Lamborghini Huracan or 200 000$. For that, you will need to have golden tickets.
✅buy a Golden Ticket (25 000 satoshis);
✅gambling games online sites (you bet 500 000 satoshis and you earn 1 Golden Ticket).
The contest ends on October 31, 2019.
==>Multiply Bitcoin (not recommended)
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅50% referral commission
Thank you for your support.
☀️Wad.Ojooo German Company | Get Paid for Viewing Ads | Status: Paying
<<<Earning Options>>>
✅View Ads;
Earn money in a really easy way. Watch advertisements and get up to $0.06 per click.
You receive 30 big chances every day with prizes between $0.03 and $3.
✅Complete Surveys Online
<<<Extra Cash & Crypto Rewards>>>
✅Standard (Free Membership); Economy Membership (only $20 per month); Privilege Membership ($40 per month).
Upgrade to Privilege Membership and you will get FREE referrals (the easy way). Very good option if you don't have the skills to advertise and getting new referrals (the hard way).
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅10% referral commission.
You can get up to $10 bonus when your referral will upgrade his account to Privilege. If you want to earn from your referrals all you need to do is view 4 advertisements per day.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
✅Bitcoin; Ethereum; Payeer, Skrill.
Minimum Payout: only $2. Payment to each user will be made once in 7 days.
Thank you for your support.
πŸ†AllCoins.PW <Earn Free Crypto Currencies> Status: Paying
Crypto Currencies to claim:
✅bitcoin (BTC), dogecoin (DOGE), litecoin (LTC), potcoin (POT), blackcoin (BLK), primecoin (XPM), ethereum (ETH), bitcore (BTX), dashcoin (DASH), monero (XMR), peerCoin (PPC), groestlcoin (GRS), verge (XVG), ubiq (UBQ), electroneum (ETN), bitcoin gold (BTG), bitcoin diamond (BCD) etc.
<<<Earning Options>>>
✅faucet (timer=5 minutes)
✅auto faucet, command Crypto Miner, web miner;
✅games: Lucky Number, Free Roll, Lottery, Harvest, Dice, VegaDice, Boomerang, Toss;
✅pay to click (PTC), Offer Walls;
✅exchange (with this tool you can exchange your coins from your account);
✅crypto converter (you can use this tool if you want to know the value of your coins).
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅Share your referral link and earn 25 % of your referral's earnings.
<<<Payout Options>>>
FaucetHub: Recommended, low fees;
✅Bitcoin Wallet (high fees).
Thank you for your support.
🎯ClickFight <MultiPlayer Bitcoin Game> Status: Paying
Upgrade your warrior with the BEST weapons and armor. Fight against stronger opponents and earn BIG Rewards.
How can you play this game?
Real Players (click on their target), NPC (click on their logo). It's very simple. Just click the button "Join the Arena" and that's it. You will fight against REAL players and NPC (non-player character).
In time you will become stronger and you will fight in higher Arena levels.
<<<Arena Levels>>>
Arena level 1 (player level 1 - 3), Arena level 2 (player level 4-7), Arena level 3 (player level 8-11), Arena level 4 (player level 12-15) and Arena level 5 (player level 16 and above).
<<<Daily Challenge>>>
Complete Daily Challenge and you earn Bigger Rewards every day. You can get Bitcoin Satoshi, Medical Packs, Credits and Experience Points.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅Share your referral link and you earn 10% commission;
<<<Withdrawal Options>>>
✅BTC Satoshi Bitcoin Wallet: Minimum 40,000 BTC Satoshi
Thank you for your support.
⚜️ySense <Great Benefits if you have Patience> Status: Paying
ySense is an amazing opportunity where you will get paid for completing surveys, online tasks, doing offer walls, watching videos, etc.
ySense collaborates with several survey providers such as YourSurveys, Toluna, Samplicio, etc. ySense will send you surveys that pay up to 7$ and normally it will take from 5 to 30 minutes to complete a survey.
You will be rewarded after you complete the survey but keep in mind you need to be qualified for the survey.
<<<High Earning Tasks>>>
Completing online tasks is another way to earn extra cash online and it is an amazing opportunity for those members who have fewer surveys, ads, etc. These tasks are delivered by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing platform that enables you to work on small tasks.
Note: Take your time and read carefully the instructions for a specific task. When you get a difficult task that you cannot do just give up and go to the next one.
Remember: You MUST keep your accuracy high enough so you can be able to increase your level and get more online tasks. More Tasks means More Money.
✅OfferTorro, Kiwiwall, Trialpay, Peanut Labs, Wannads, Adscend, Adgate, Clixoffers,, etc. You can watch Videos, Download different Apps, Sign up for websites, Play Games and many more.
<<<Daily Checklist bonus>>>
There are some basic requirements to complete the Daily Bonus:
✅Complete 10 online tasks;
✅Complete 2 offers or surveys;
✅Complete 5 tasks with 1 offer;
✅Visit the forum.
Complete all of the above and you will get a 12% bonus.
There are 2 more extra bonuses:
✅Install the ClixAddon extension and visit ySense from there (2% bonus);
✅Complete the Daily Checklist Bonus 3 days in a row (2% additional bonus)
<<<Referral Program>>>
Sign up commission: $0.30 for 1st tier countries or $0.10 for other countries;
✅When your referral completes their first $5 you will get an additional $2 BONUS.
✅When your referral completes an Offer, Task or a Survey you will earn a 20% referral commission.
So if you have more active your referrals you will earn more money!
✅If you have 100 active referrals or more you will get an extra 5% referral commission;
✅If you have 200 active referrals or more you will get an additional 10% referral commission.
<<<Payout Options>>>
✅Paypal; Skrill; Dwolla (the USA only); Check (available in the USA and Canada), AlerPay; Tango Card.
Once you have earned $10 you can request the payment. Don't worry this can be achieved quite quickly.
Thank you for your support.
❄️CryptoMiningGame <Best Money Earning Site> Status: Problems
Totally different opportunities from any other way to earn FREE cryptocurrency out there!!
<<<Earning Options>>>
✅Mining Game: complete missions to level up and build your mining time and hash rate as you gain experience and level.
Note: This does NOT use your CPU!
You need to collect enough crystals to keep your virtual mine running. Until you reach level 5, it may seem impossible to keep your mine running because it will be hard to find crystals, but after level 5 you will get missions that are especially for collecting crystals.
✅Mine for REAL: once you reach level 5 you will be given the option to "Mine for real".
You can now mine bitcoin, doge and litoshi with your H-Power! Mining rate is continuously changing depending on many factors, so check its before to mine.
Remember you will be mining 3 coins not just 1 and all 3 coins will be mined at the same time.
<<<Premium Features>>>
Reach 1 000 hash rate and you are able to mine more coins like DashCoin, Bitcore, Ethereum, PeerCoin, BitcoinCash, PotCoin.
✅Standard Membership: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge;
✅Premium Membership: DashCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Bitcore, PotCoin, PeerCoin.
There are 18 levels of missions. When you level up you earn some Bitcoin Satoshi, Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin, hash power, crystals, experience.
Note: High Level==>Great Rewards.
<<<Daily Bonus>>>
Every day you receive a bonus called "Daily Loyalty Bonus" and remember if you forget to login into your account just for 1 day you will lose the bonus and the multiplier resets back to 1. So Don't miss and login every day so you can get better rewards and bonuses.
Collect cards in missions and evolve them to play:
✅the new Battle Multiplayer Game (part of the Crypto Mining Game);
✅the Brand New Original CMG Mobile Game to come.
Complete more missions==>become a PATRON in Crypto Mining Game==>finally you find more cards.
<<<Referral Program>>>
✅8% referral commissions (Bitcoin, DogeCoin and Litoshi);
✅earn also from referral earnings of Dash, Ethereum and BitcoinCash.
<<<Withdraw Options>>>
FaucetHub (1.5% fee);
Note: Link your Crypto Addresses to your FaucetHub account.
<<<Minimum Payment>>>
✅bitcoin: 50 000 satoshi; litecoin: 400 000 litoshi, dogecoin: 100 doge.
Thank you for your support.
πŸ’°Bituro | Extra Money and Crypto Rewards | Status: Paying
If you love making money from your phone then this app is for you | Trusted App & Paypal Payments.
How can you earn with Bituro?
Complete Surveys Online;
Installing various games and applications;
Earn cash by watching different videos (easy way of earning);
✅Many more opportunities to earn money.
Bituro is available both on android phones and iOS. Of course, you can use this app on your computer too. Available When you reach 1,000 points (that is $1) you can use Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum to withdraw your cash.
Please, when you register to Bituro use my referral code <<<1930498>>> to receive a sign-up bonus.
Available payment solutions:
Bitcoin Wallet;
Ethereum Wallet;
Gift Cards.
Thank you.

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